Tiere – Kunst – Freizeit – Bonnausflug 29.9.

bildschirmfoto-2013-10-02-um-15-06-53Im Rahmen des Stipendiums “Aktiv für Andere” wurde ein Ausflug nach Bonn organisiert. Hier ein Bericht und einige Bild von dieser spannenden Exkursion.

On Sunday 29th of September we organized a memorial trip to the beautiful city Bonn. We took the train from Jülich at 9:39 and made a stop in Köln Hbf to eat together and then took the train to Bonn. In Bonn we started our journey by visiting one of the best museums called Museum König. There we saw many different kinds of animal from different regions of the planet depicted in the real shape in the nature. They were shown in a real detailed way that we thought maybe some of them were real Taxidermy. In the basement there were some little living insects and animals, for instance some strange types of spiders. The most beautiful and fascinating part, for me personally, was the butterfly section. There were thousands of different kind of Butterflies as well as other insects like cockroaches and spiders and also animals like different kinds of monkeys, dogs and so on…

Our second destination was the art museum which is called Kunstmuseum and is one of the most famous art museums in Germany.  There we saw many different types of art mostly painting. The paintings were also widely sectioned to western, modern, painting with pieces of newspaper and so many other types.

After visiting the Kunstmuseum we continued our journey by going to the Rheinau Freizeitpark. The weather was totally perfect for playing volleyball, renting boats and eating together. The park had a beautiful nature and was a good place for relaxing as well. We took the train back to home and arrived in Jülich around 8pm. (Delaram)