Metal Community started – you can join it!



Im Rahmen des Stipendium “Aktiv für Andere” hat sich eine Metal Community gegründet. Sie trifft sich regelmäßig, spielt und hört Metal und hat fun dabei. In der Facebook Gruppe gibt es alle wichtigen Infos. Heute findet um 19 Uhr z.B. ein Treffen im Keller statt, wenn Du Zeit und Lust hast schau doch mal vorbei.

On 4th of april we started metal community.With support of the metal heads from university had a wonderful event of rock and metal music.It was lots of fun to listen to music with a group that shares interest with you i also had a small performance with my band “Dark Sanity”.The best part of evening was the time that we asked if someone wants to play and jam and we had friends coming and play along some jazz songs.Totally a fun evening thanks to amazing metal heads and my band. (Kaveh) more pix…