Bilder vom Timezone Game Event

Bildschirmfoto 2014-06-18 um 09.06.17

Am 8.6. fand im Rahmen des Stipendiums “Aktiv für Andere” eine Spieleveranstaltung statt.
Hier findest Du weitere Bilder und einen kurzen Bericht über das Event.

On Sunday 8th June 2014 we gathered in front of the FH-Aachen library at 10:45 a.m. and waited for others who might be taking part in the game. But unfortunately no one registered. There was one person who came and joined the game, so we waited for him until 11:30 am and we already made a preparation of our game. Because outside it was raining for a while, we decided to do the event inside the library building.

At 11:30, as that person arrived, we started to play as a team. So we did the event together. First we played “paper sucking” game. So we should move the paper from one place to another place without anything but mouth.

The second game was “bottle pen”. A pen tied with a rope should be hanged around our waist and then we have to try to put it right in the bottle.

The last game was “memory-card game”. To play, we have to pick some cards and open it to search for the right pair(the same number and color) among 52 cards on the table. 2 cards should be opened in every single turn and all players have to remember to get the right pair soon. The winner will be the one who earned the most pair of cards.

At the of the event we gave the prize to the winner.

For us it was an experience and a good start to be more prepared to held or make any other events in the future. We will try to make it more interesting for others to join and so more people will take part and join to spend time together knowing other fellow students and of course have fun together.