Yoga for everyone – Beginn 10.10.

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Yoga for everyone. Ein Yoga-Kurs im Rahmen des Stipendiums “Aktiv für Andere”. Start am Freitag 10.10. um 18h im Raum der Stille. Vier Mal im Oktober! (Facebook-Event) Weitere Informationen
Yoga for everyone is an one hour event where we will practice few important yoga, pranayam and meditation steps which will help you to build your confidence, improve concentration power, energize your health and it will fill you up with positive attitude towards your life.Timing: Every Friday from 18:00 to 19:00 room of silence
Starts on 10/10/2014 until 31/10/2014Yoga, meditation and pranayam are ancient hidden treasures which have been developed in India over thousands of years and proven. It comprises of series of mental and physical exercises which act as refuelling of your energy levels and increasing your freshness quotient. The effectiveness of meditation has been shown in a variety of clinical studies. From a medical perspective, meditation is useful to relax and relieve stress.Don’t forget to invite your friends for this opportunity to restore your life. (Facebook-Event)