And the winner is … – Tabletennis Tournament

Bildschirmfoto 2014-11-03 um 16.42.33Im Rahmen des Stipendiums “Aktiv für Andere” wurde ein Tischtennisturnier organisiert. Nach harten Einzelkämpfen setzte sich ein Student aus Nepal als Sieger durch. Herzlichen Glückwunsch und vielen Dank dem Stipendiaten für die Organisation. Eine weitere Möglichkeit einen Pokal in den Händen zu halten bietet das Tischtennisturnier für Doppel am 22.11. Jetzt einfach via Facebook anmelden und fleißig trainieren.
Weitere Bilder vom Turnier und einen kurzen Bericht (engl.) findest Du hier

Table Tennis Tournament Report

The table tennis tournament held on 01.11.2014, in the Studenten Wohnheim’s gym room, located at Jan-von-werth Strasse 82 was a successful event with 16 participants taking part and trying their skills to win the ultimate prize of being crowned the Champion of the Bunker. The winner was Sunil Hamal, a student of Nepali descent.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-11-03 um 16.42.25The event was supposed to start at 4:00 pm but due to participants showing up late was start an hour later. Also, there were people showing up after the tournament had started and I did my best to accommodate them and allowed them to play.

Since there were 16 people, we divided them into two groups of 8 participants. This was done on the basis of a lottery system. For the competitors of 8 in a group the same system was applied for who would play against whom. So we had a knockout system with a match comprising of 3 sets played for 11 points, according to the international point systems.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-11-03 um 16.42.16So after the first round we had 4 players from each group that gave us a total of 8 competitors. Now the quarter finals start with the 4 players from group A competing against each other for a place in semifinals. The same implies with the players from group B. At the end of the quarter finals we were left with 4 players who were ready for a battle for a place in finals. We had great matches between the remaining players with no one giving the other an inch and always trying to gain an advantage. But as in every game we have a winner and someone has to lose. At the end we had two players remaining, Ibrahim Sultani and Sunil Hamal. The match was very exciting but finally we had Sunil Hamal crowned as the ultimate champion with an impressive victory over his opponent, finishing the match in only 2 sets (11-6 & 11-4)and the finals not going to the third set.

Everybody was very satisfied with the way the event was organized and the manner in which the matches took place with every competitor getting an almost fair opportunity to win the event, but ultimately there had to be only one champion. But at the end of the event everyone felt like and winner, especially me for organizing such event with not much but reasonable participants.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-11-03 um 16.41.45The event gave me an opportunity to interact with various new people and the same was with them to meet new people in Jülich.

Overall a satisfying and exhilarating feeling of organizing an event and I would like to thank KSG for giving me an opportunity to organize an event of my choice. I would also like to add that given another chance I would like to organize some other events with the support of KSG. Looking forward for the next opportunity to help KSG in its great mission to entertain students and let them have fun and improving their extracurricular skills.

Also I would take this opportunity to thanks Mr. Alexander Peters and Mrs. Lucia Pfeiffer for giving me this opportunity.