Rangoli – Bilder auf dem Boden malen – eine hohe Kunst

Bildschirmfoto 2015-04-20 um 20.10.38

Kokosflocken und Farben gemischt. Mit diesen Zutaten entstanden wundervolle Bilder auf dem Boden. Diese traditionelle indische Kunst – Rangoli genannt – konnte am Montag im Rahmen des Stipendiums “Aktiv für Andere” erlernt werden. In ruhiger und aufmerksamer Atmosphäre entstanden so große Kunstwerke. Hier ein paar Impressionen und ein kurzer Bericht.

Schade nur, dass dies Kunst so vergänglich ist. Vielen Dank der Organisatorin und den Teilnehmenden.


This is a short report of the event which was conducted on 20.04.2015. Rangoli is one of the traditions which is followed in India where people draw on floor with rice flour every day in front of their house. On this event I explained the participants the reason behind this tradition which was followed and made them to draw their own drawings and coloured them with coconut powder mixed with colours which was prepared and dried for 2 days before. All the drawings came out really well that all had their own imagination and came out as beautiful drawings. The students who participated were so interested in learning to draw and had lot of fun when drawing. It lasted around 2 hours from 5-7 and came out really well. I really thank KSG for giving me an opportunity to interact with other students and to make them learn something from this event. (Monisha)