Impressions – Webtoon – Bilder

20160512_160300Zeichnen innerhalb kürzester Zeit, so heißt es für die Teilnehmer des Webtoon-Wettbewerbes am vergangenen Donnerstag. Hier ein paar Impressions der Veranstaltung:

This is a short report regarding Webtoon (Web Cartoon) event held on May 12, 2016. Webtoon is a cartoon-style drawing, which shows pictures of people in various emotions. On the day of event, participants were provided with necessary supplements like drawing sheet, pencil and so. It started at 16:00 and lasted till the participants were ready with their drawings. At the end, there was a discussion to choose the best drawing and the student whose webtoon was chosen as the best was merited with a webtoon book. That’s how the event came to an end. It was an entirely different and good experience for me to conduct this event and I thank KSG very much for giving me this opportunity.