Bilder vom indian food event


Im Rahmen des Stipendiums “Aktiv für Andere” fand eine Veranstaltung zu typischem indischem Essen im Raum der Stille statt. Es war ein interessante Möglichkeit, mehr über das Essen in Indien und die Zubereitung zu erfahren. Danke allen Teilnehmenden und der Organisatorin.
Hier findest du einen kurzen Bericht (engl.) und Bilder von der Veranstaltung. This event was conducted on 13.06.2016.Indian cuisine encompasses a wide variety of regional and traditional cuisines native to India. On this event I had an opportunity to show how does a typical south Indian food tastes like.Many were so eager to know the ingredients and recipe for the preparation of dishes.The dishes which I prepared were Jeera rice, Sambhar,Channa masala,Potato fry and Kesari(Sweet).

The event lasted around 2 hours from 5-7 and came out really well. More than 20 participants came and had a nice time to interact with others.This was a great time for me to show other country students how does my home country’s regional food tastes.I really thank KSG for giving me an opportunity to interact with other students and to make them learn something from this event.